He has another one still, but it seemed like he’d given up on trying to tune the one he’s auctioning at the rough trade london in-store show. He also blamed trump for taking the joy out of that guitar or something to that effect.

Current bid on eBay: $45,000


That’s what makes me laugh. The one on ebay will sell for 60000 plus and it won’t even be the one he used live


So Steve Albini talks about why he records only analogue / on tape and it’s not because it sounds warm or better. For him it’s about longevity / posterity, which digital recordings fail to deliver on.


Interesting. Makes sense to sidestep all the waves of technology.


We were lucky to record analog last time at a guy names Conrad Uno’s place. He did a lot of the Sub Pop bands in the 90’s and he has a really great, simple studio in his basement with a Spectrasonics console from Stax studios. The knobs looked like red Rolos. Warmest recording we’ve done so far.


Is it this one? I really like the sound and mix.


Yep. Thanks!



Steve Gunn’s, Meg Duffy’s and Phil Cook’s pedal boards illustrated and explained


Turns out Ryan had 3 in total.


Literally no skin off his ass


Correct. And probably it’s the one that still wouldn’t tune and needs more work. I guess if you have 50k spare a few hundred dollars’ work is probably not an issue though.

As contradictory as ever🤠too

He just won’t play that one. The other 2? Fine!




what a fuckin tool bag.

he won’t play “it”

as in singular…

so he won’t play it…does it mean all three?

cause he can’t play any of them now…

not that i listen to him that much anymore anyways


That was a tweet a few weeks before he actually put it up for auction. I think it was after the London promo show where he cursed one of those guitar’s inability to stay in tune and blamed the current administration for even spoiling his enjoyment of playing it.

In the end it’s a good thing he’s doing. As ever I find his version of logic screwy and mostly entertaining. I remember thinking if the monsters also put him off his other Buck too, thinking he only had one more of these guitars.


Here’s a video Heritage Guitars produced about 225 Parsons St., the Gibson heritage and their company.

Hope the new owners don’t mess it up.


Saved for later



Ryan reviews VCR pedal


I just picked this up for $280 on clearance. It’s a Squier baritone Jazzmaster 30 inch scale I have it tuned b to b. A lot of fun to play and chord with.


Very cool.


The ‘antigua’ color is really polarizing, so they did away with it. Same model is now available in black on black. For another $170…but the neck is no longer bound.