Yours looks great. Pawn shop chic.


I’ve never played a baritone guitar.

I did consider picking up a tenor guitar though, since it is tuned the same as my banjo.




I’ve failed to find an acoustic guitar to buy. I’ve been auditioning guitars on and off for a year. Well I quite like the Gibson VOS vintage style J50, but I’ve decided to get a neck reset and refret for my early 70s Guild D25. Bone saddle too.

It sounds great and this work will be cheaper than buying a new guitar trying to be old. It’s quite a light guitar too, maybe a bit flimsy, because it wasn’t built to last 100 years, but that makes it an easy choice to pick up and play and gives it a sweet tone I enjoy that’s not too bassie. But still warm. It’s mahogany.


I have two friends that have Guild acoustics made in the 60’s and I’ve played them both and they sound fantastic.

I think putting a little cash into updating that guitar is a good call. My one friend just put a new set of Grovers on his.


The Jason isbell signature Martin is only 6000 bucks! I think I’ll buy two


Another photo. Nice inlay.


I had a bad case of GAS creep up on Saturday and I ended up coming home with this old Alvarez 12-string.


It looks in pretty good condition. What year is it? @DougoBlue

Did you get a good price?


I’ve managed to keep my GAS under control. I was super close to buying this one a couple of weeks ago. It’s gone now, which I’ve mixed feelings about.


Nice looking tele there. Got a bit of twang in her, I’d expect.

Not sure about the year on the Alvarez. Sometime between the mid 70’s and late 80’s is my guess. I bought it without much research at the Guitar Center in town… which I never do. I paid $329 which could be a little high, but it plays nice and I convinced myself I needed a 12-string.

It was an impulse decision, but I can return it for up to 45 days or something. I am bonding with it a little bit though and I may just keep her.


That’s a really great price if you like the tone and it plays well. And it’s the type of price where it’s not worth the bother to return it or ever to sell it.

It’s a great pastime too with all that tuning :wink: Keeps your hands busy.


I almost bought a really good mandolin the other day. Only because I had some idea of what it was and it was totally in my price range. A few years back I bought an acoustic guitar, thinking I wanted to learn…decided my big, clunky fingers and that fucking guitar were never going to work well together.


Have you still got that guitar?


No. I gave it to someone.


That’s a good thing to have done :white_check_mark:


Chubby fingers and mandolins might not mix well either. One of the reasons I don’t own one.


My 12-string however, has a fat, wide neck just like her daddy.


One thing I like about having a few guitars is that my favourite always changes. I’ve got two dreadnaughts a jumbo and a OO. They all play very different so it keeps it interesting. When I get a bit bored of one I pick up another for a few weeks. And round it goes


Put this together a while ago now.