Is that a partscaster?


I have three electrics that I switch back and forth with as well. My old Tak was my only acoustic.


Fender neck and guts, MJT nitro ash body. All new stuff I cobbled together. My only ‘regular-style’ tele now.


I like tele’s. Some day I will probably get one. My preference would be the ash tray style bridge/pickup, but would probably go with a maple neck.


Here’s a photo I shot at the Heritage guitars booth at the Kalamazoo Blues festival. They are a couple of Gibson pick guard molds for the hummingbird and J200 models.

These items and a lot more will be on display, I’m sure, when the Guitar museum is completed at the Heritage plant - which is the old Gibson plant - here in town.


This is geekiness I love


Jason talks his sig guitar


I returned the used Alvarez 12-String and exchanged it for a new Takamine G-series 12-String. This one is acoustic electric, a cut-away and doesn’t have any bridge issues or modifications needed.

I only paid an additional $110 and got a nice hard case basically for free.


That sounds like a good upgrade, especially since there are no issues to deal with.

I have a Jumbo Takamine with what look like the same bridge pickups and electrics. I’ve not had a problem with it and have been playing it a lot lately.

FYI If the bridge needs lowering at all you might find 3 or 4 slivers of wood under the pick ups you can take out. I did in my case and height is perfect now I’ve taken out a couple of these.

This is what my model looks like, minus the decal I put on it

I bought it a long time ago before I actually knew what I liked, but it’s still got a place in the lineup



I have a Takamine 6-string as well and I’ve had it since about 1986. It is an EF360C I believe, made a couple years after the lawsuit from Martin. Its a really nice guitar and is the reason I went with the 12-string that I did.

I’m already liking the fact that it has a built in tuner… all those strings won’t tune themselves.


They certainly won’t. There must be a standard joke about 12 string owners spending more time tuning than playing. I’ve never heard it said but I’ll bet it’s a thing.


Thought i’d Share this inspiring video…


I have an Epiphone Dove, which is my main guitar I play around the house and if I play out; also an Epiphone EJ200. My first guitar was a Hohner HG200, which I got from my brother since he didn’t play it much some 15 years ago; it actually still sounds quite good – I keep it in flat tuning. I also have a Yamaha 12-string, but is in pretty bad shape, to the point where I might as well buy a new one. It was pretty cheap, at ~$150 so it’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve been thinking of making a rather big upgrade, and I’ve narrowed down my choices to:

Gibson J45 (
Taylor 322e (
Taylor 317e (
Guild M20E (

I’ve always wanted a Gibson, but I’m quite intrigued by the mahogany guitars (Taylor 322e and Guild M20E) given the apparent depth in their sound, plus it would be nice to switch up the guitar body since I have a few dreadnoughts already. However, I need to play these in person to get a real understanding of that.

The Waterloo ones that Jeff Tweedy plays look really nice (, but a bit out of my price range. But I suppose that’s par for the course with Collings Guitars.

Does anyone have any experiences/input regarding their favorites among these?


Taylors are like sober Christians. The Gibson has soul, but may drink too much. The Guild is that uncle you rarely see and seem to have equal evidence that he’s a great guy or someone who who is a bit creepy.


I’ve played a couple Guilds I really liked the sound of… but they were both older and had aged.

Can’t argue with the Taylor choices.

A Gibson J-45, if you could get a good one that is comfortable for you, would be a great choice.

It could depend on the neck profile you prefer as well.


No interest in Martin’s?


Yeah, I’d second that. I love all of mine (D28, 0017s and even the DRS 2 is decent for the money)


I’d say Martin too. They sound like a ‘Martin’ across all the price points, and are of very solid quality vs. dollar ratio.

Most importantly, I like their voice. Voice-wise, I am like this:

Those plastic things they sell for children at Walmart


@inky there is one Martin I had picked out:

I like @highlife’s personality assessments, and oddly enough I feel like that’s rather useful info to know haha

I always have found it odd that of all the musicians I listen to, not one of them uses Taylor guitars; doesn’t matter, but is interesting.

I’ll have to double back and look into more Martins – thanks for the comments! Taking a quick look around, these jump out:

Regarding neck profile; I think my favorite feel is that of my Dove (a so-called “slim taper D profile”). Though I’ll have a better sense after I try a bunch of these out


I find Taylor guitars too be very trebly, quite harsh sounding