That 000-17e whiskey sunset Martin is what I would buy today if I had the dough.

Keep in mind that the neck width on a Martin OM is different than the 000, at least on models above the ‘18’ range (I believe). The lower price points, they are both 1 3/4", whereas above a certain price point, the 000 is 1 /11/6". I prefer the smaller one, but someone who exclusively fingerpicks might prefer the 1 3/4.


thanks for the notes; I’ll have to keep that in mind. I have a few days off in the coming weeks, where I plan on trying (many of) these out. Will be fun


That’s similar to the one I have, picked it up second hand but in mint condition with a baggs active pickup fitted.


Which model is this one? It looks like a 000, but hard to tell. Very nice!


It’s a 0017s in whisky sunset, plays beautifully


Enjoy! We spent and hour or so recently at a very good music store and had such a great time. Hadn’t done that in a while.


I need to get a bass. I played a Rickenbacker on Friday that I REALLY liked… however I don’t have that kind of budget - not even close. Looking for something that I can pick up at bargain price to learn on. What should I look for?


You’ll have to figure out if a short scale is an option. I think guitar players find them less of a challenge to adapt to, and they are fun to play.

For just learning and recording:

its SS twin

jazz bass

p bass

Watch your craigslist, people dump beginner basses all the time and low end ones have shitty resale value.
I recently picked up a Squier Jaguar SS bass for $115 and it’s fab. If I were buying new, I’d get the Ibanez TMB, they are amazing for the money.


The one I most often play is a Fender Mustang. I believe that may be a short scale bass. I don’t love it, but it is pretty good. I also have played my friend’s Danelectro that I believe is full scale, but I’m not sure. I’m pretty tall and I think a full scale bass would suit me fine. The Squire P-Bass is kind of what I had been considering…

I did love the way that Rik played though.

I will keep an eye out for a used Ibanez. I have seen some of them on CL. I kind of need cheap right now.


I’d say a straight neck and a variety of sounds are paramount. A bolt on neck at least offers the option is shim it to achieve a good set-up, but I would imagine any bass in your price range will be bolt-on.

Next up is solid tuners. The affinity ones are meh.


Yes, a good straight neck and tuners that work and stay in tune are the biggest things for me…


Here’s the Dano-Blaster I have been borrowing and playing a bit. it’s really light and balanced a bit funny. I don’t love it.


If you can find an Aria Pro - the good ones play like Fenders. I’d be very interested in this one:


I’m a little partial to Martin’s. The one on the left was a gift to my husband. 1955 - 0018. It’s one of those guitars that won’t let go of your hand after a few minutes. The one on the right is my Mountain. I bought this around 1987 at a little guitar shop in San Diego. Everyone asks what it is when they see it. I had a hard time finding out Mountain’s history when I recently discovered a man in Japan in the 80’s who worked for Martin was making these knock offs using Martin parts. He sold many of them out of that little shop in San Diego before he was sued and ordered to stop. It plays like a dream. A little on the trebly end but it’s a solid top and it rings. Please ignore my dirty rug. My dog just unleashed hell fire on his Kong.


Wow! Those are both beauties!


Here are my two acoustics. The one in the foreground is a Takamine EF 360SC. I bought in the mid 80’s. The one in the background is a G-series Takamine 12 string.

I really like my old six string, that’s why I bought a Takamine when I was in the market for a 12.

My old one is very good


@inky beautiful guitars!

Here are mine. Left to right: Epiphone Dove, Epiphone EJ200, Hohner HG200, Yamaha 12-string (I forget the model number), with the Fishman Loudbox Mini in the foreground. Nice little amp for the house!


I think Takamine’s are gorgeous sounding. They ring forever.


Oh baby, that’s a nice set up!