Gearheads, unite




I have the right to suck and to reject your criticism.




Oh I forgot to tell everyone - I had a dream last night where I sucked Ryan Adams cock. It was vivid. Then he started giving a detailed confession about New York Babalon and his role in the ritualistic orgies beginning in his early 20s.

I can drop names of those involved (according to dream RA) and hold esoteric Truther gnosis


This isn’t “gear” per se, but I think it’s pretty great. It’s a key holder.


What did it taste like? Does he shave his testicles? Even if he doesn’t, you should totally fuck with Monkey and say he does. Monkey would hate having anything in common with DRA. I stole a page from Monkey’s script & started shaving my pubes as well. But, part of the way through I thought it would be funny to give my testicles a mohawk. Now I’m looking for cock rings & other bling to put on my junk. I always loved Mr. T.


Hi, dad.

It just tasted salty and of course cum

He had it shaved in the shape of a heart so I changed it to a pentagram


Are you sure it wasn’t shaped like a broken heart to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Heartbreaker? And did he yell “Orion!!” at the climax? He strikes me as the kind of self-absorbed asshole that loves himself so much that he might yell his own name while in the throws of passion.


I’m sure he has mirrors on the ceiling of his basement.


I like Jack Parsons & I don’t hate Nude. The lyrics/title of Nude might need a rewrite. No offense. I like the music though.


Scorpio kills Orion and Phoebe has been singing about her Scorpio origins


Nude was done improv as a joke. These are all rough demos so far until I acquire a preamp


I like Phoebe’s song “Smelly Cat”. I’m not sure if that’s about one of Ryan’s cats or Ryan himself?


Maybe its autobiographical?


I wouldn’t be opposed to taking sloppy seconds to Ryan Adams but I think she’s more into chicks


“I wouldn’t be opposed to taking sloppy seconds to Ryan Adams but I think she’s more into chicks”

I guess that kind of explains her initial attraction to Ryan. He is a bit of a diva.


I’m glad someone else went there before I did. I’m probably on thin ice.


Break the Diva to break the one within you


I’ve seen Sloppy Jane twice and feel enligheningly defiled and saved


Will that be the title of your first album?