Gearheads, unite


In a sense


That’d be a good record title but release it under an alter ego like Gil T.


I’ve already named the record and will maintain my right name unlike David Douche Adams



I’ve already been hiding in the plain sight Sunset of fame for a few years as a ghost and don’t expect to get noticed anytime soon.

There’s nothing they can throw at me that I haven’t already lived through - including bullets, bombs and fire.


I think you should reconsider using David Douche Adams as your stage name.


I eventually write a song on that or possibly a whole album. I can just deconstruct his best album and turn it into my worst


Should I buy the type of preamp that you plug in directly or play through an amp and filter it into a preamp and the computer with a microphone

I’m afraid a preamp alone won’t be loud enough


Don’t bother purchasing gear. Save your money. You should reach out to Ryan & let him know that you’re an aspiring musician and would like to book time at Pax-Am Studios under his personal tutelage. Oh…but, don’t make the request as Mr. Gay. Say you’re Ms. Hetero or something like that. You could even arrive in drag if he gives the green light.


I sent him a letter with an EP of an aspiring songwriter I met and later sent an email but the douche never responded. I even gave him a little Buddha statuette that cost me 12 bucks and never received a thank you. This was in 2016


Money in not really an issue now. I can afford a modest home studio system. Just trying to figure the best specs. I’m cool with spending around 300 bucks if it’ll give a solid sound for my first and second album. Then I’ll know whether I should advance and continue or call it quits


I want to play my second album on electric guitar so I’ll probably have to get a decent amp. I don’t know if a hundred dollar preamp will have enough pick-up


Do you plug it in the preamp first or the power amp first? The preamps plugs directly into the USB port.

Maybe I’ll try experiencing both ways.

Which are input holes and which are output holes? Does it matter?




I tend to skim over things when reading posts. My first thought was that this was a sex-ed question.


Not if you’re @mrgay.


Come up with questions. Use google. Watch youtubes. Read product reviews. Buy the best you can afford.

That’s really all the advice you need.


Yeah I’m doing that.

I might buy a lightly used or unboxed one from a private seller for the right price. But it would be good to have a warranty so maybe I should just buy new