George Costanza would be proud of me


For the last few weeks, and maybe a couple more, I have been paid to basically sit at my desk and not work on anything. I’ve been on notice for a while, so they have shifted almost all my duties elsewhere. The funny thing is almost all of my department is in another location, so the people I share an office with have no idea that I am spending my day on the 'net or listening to music or reading. Somebody actually complained a couple of weeks ago because I did something (replied to an email). According to my termination notice I am supposed to conduct myself “professionally” until October 31. Apparently “professionally” means sitting and watching other people do my work. This may end sooner than expected. I am retaining a lawyer to try to get a better settlement.


This title is really fitting.

How weird. Sounds kind of cool but a little unnerving. I hope you make the most of it. Do you have a plan for after the 31st?


Well, right now my severance would be equal to about 5 months pay. The lawyer thinks we can do better, so one way or another I am going to have some time to sit back and think about things. Corporate world is a bit fucked these days.


I believe you. Good that you’re being proactive. Many would just take what they are given. I’m guilty of that.


With all this corporate shrinkage, it becomes more difficult to see who is a two-face. Man, hands down the worst situation is if they see you as a sponge, worthy of only disdain.


Oh there is no secret here. About 18 months ago they hired a new president from outside basically to do their dirty work. Our department wasn’t profitable, so she pretty much terminated everyone and outsourced most of the work. Met the employees for about 2 minutes, so I guess it wasn’t too bad for her. My job is more or less sales support, so they are saying the benefits of keeping you are out-weighed by the benefits of letting you go. I’m losing Health and Dental benefits for life too.


I thought that Canuckistanies got universal healthcare.


Yeah, so did I.


We’re covered if we are hospitalized and we don’t pay for visits to any doctor. Dentists are another thing - usually only covered if your company has benefits. Drugs are not covered either.


You have to pay for your own weed?


Dental used to be common if you had health insurance, now it’s rare. Luckily we have it. Most of my friends are in their 60’s-70’s and have so many dental issues.


Been there, done that… at least you know what’s happening to you, and you have a little time to plan.

For me it was scary, but at the same time invigorating after being at a job for 20 years.

Best of luck to you. I have a feeling you’ll end up just fine.


Am I the poorest person on the board? I think that I’m the poorest person on the board.


Doubtful, most likely me.


Since when? I though you doing okay. Don’t you have a “storage” business?


Poor people don’t buy brand new Dodge Avengers…

they have better taste.


I have a management business.


Oh sit. Fuck you and your Prius, baby.


Oh, I’m flattered. We have a gas burning Camry and Civic. Hybrids were about 2-3K more than we were willing to pay.

What’s poor anyway these days? Less than 35K per year?


I didn’t know your anger management was a full time gig.