GIF of the day!







These dogs remind me of some people I know.



The kid behind the birthday boy is too cute! :rofl:








When theeeee fuuuuuck did I post that?!


Seriously. I need to quit drinking.


Seems like I’ve watched it a couple dozen times.


It’s like a lava lamp.



I had my first PT session for SPD and now I have to go in twice a week until my due date which makes my introverted self want to die inside before I even clock the 1/4 mile of walking from the poorly planned parking lot to check in at the ER to walk halfway across the hospital campus to their department. I haven’t been able to walk without excruciating pain or lift anything weighing more than five pounds for about a week and a half now. For a try-hard with a retail clip, this has been pretty devastating.


You’re an introvert?


Is that hard to believe? I have one friend outside of the internet, but we only text. I’ve seen her once in two years, and when I saw her I gave her her Christmas present from 2018. I get exhausted from interacting with anyone besides my husband, including my own kids, which seems unfair since one of them only babbles baby talk at this point.