Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard


Any fans? I’m a certified GBV/Robert Pollard fan boy. I probably have just about everything that Robert Pollard has officially released. GBV, solo, side projects,etc. I still marvel at how he churns out so many fucking songs. It’s mind boggling. I have to wonder what’s his process for song writing. He’s written some killer melodies.

Anyhoooo, GBV’s new album is Zeppelin Over China & I think it’s pretty damn good. Pollard isn’t breaking any new ground here but it’s an enjoyable listen.


Love 'em. My buddy is actually in the band and he’s a great guy too. I would love to head over to Barcelona to see that big summer fest thing, but it’s not in the cards financially.


Finally got into them more recently after being a very minor fan for a long time. Been listening to Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes a lot. And I just got Under the Bushes too.