Guilty pleasures


While people here demonstrate their great taste daily on the Song of the Day and What are You Listening to Now threads, the time has come for the grown-ups to flaunt their dirty little secrets.

This thread is for the kind of songs that makes you say “hell yeah” to yourself and sing along like a jackass – but also makes you instantly push pause when others approach. The songs that makes you turn up the volume on the car stereo real loud – but also makes you roll up the windows in quiet panic when you pass people on the streets. Etc, etc.

Please post those songs that you are ashamed of loving – the stuff that evokes that ambivalent mix of “hell yeah” fuzzy happiness and self-loathe. I have a bag of those but will start off gently with one from the album that allmusic calls “arena rock’s Blood on the Tracks” (Hi Infidelity – epic title):


Great thread, Baka.

But so, so, so many more. So many.


Thanks - and keep 'em coming!

And here is another one from my basket of dirty laundry (stellar video, too):


I’m never ashamed of my corny song choices. I will always turn it up for ELO, Mariah, 70’s R&B (yes Luther) questionable Boz Skaggs, Loggins and Messina, Bel Biv Devoe, early Motley Crue, first Van Halen, Bonnie Pointer…


This one is pretty incredible. It’s one of my go-to’s when mocking actor singers.


I could do this hourly for at least seven consecutive days.


Valid point, but I guess that I am asking for dirty laundry that will make us smile – bring 'em on.

Here is one from the darkest corners of my soul:


Cringy jams for dayyyyys……



Love Slipknot!

Here is one with a kick-ass chainsaw solo:



90’s country music is an all-around guilty pleasure for me. The lyrics of that one haven’t aged so well in the #metoo era. “I was somewhere between a woman and child.” Um. Yeah.






You guys are cowards.



I honestly think this is an incredible love song:


Especially when considering how it’s used in the final scene of the movie.


I saw that movie when it came out. Bad 80s movies are another guilty pleasure for sure, and that one is pretty high on that list. Next to Near Dark by Kathryn Bigelow.