Guilty pleasures


You monster!


Not me singing that goddamn Nickelback song to myself under my breath. Twenty years and it’s still a cursed romantic item.


OK, so I like that Bad Habit song by Steve Lacy. Did some investigating…and it turns out his stuff slaps…


How about songs about guilty pleasures?







Love this awful song lol


Guilty pleasure indeed – nice pick!

Never heard of the Chainsmokers until a couple of years when I ordered some J Mascis tees and got Chainsmokers instead. The store sent me the right ones and said I could keep the ones I already got. The logo looked okay so I looked them up – and realized that I would rather give them to the Red Cross (or burn them, if I had to) rather than wearing them doing house work. I still have a shred of dignity left (or at least I imagine so).


okay …if waves brings out chainsmokers i have to bring these two out…sorry not sorry


i love this song TOO much. mainly it’s the lyrics but i love the beat/cadence of it too. it’s so fucking good…i feel like i should be ashamed to like this one…


That one is awesome, Balv! Love it – added it to one of my playlists right after pressing press play. I will play this one for a long time (head-nodding alone in our car).

And here is the best garage rock song that no-one has heard – and recorded by a often cringy middle of the road artist. One of my friends (he is a sly one) has easily convinced some pretty severe music nerds that this is The Nomads: