Guilty pleasures


Okay, fine.


I love melodrama – one of the underrated art forms of the 19th and 20th century.

And on the theme of songs from grand 80s melodramas …



This is gonna get ugly




My guilty pleasures are old teeny bopper songs from when I was a kid:
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, The Monkees, The Guess Who, etc.


So many great ones Saf! Maybe I am particularly grateful for Seether – I had completely forgotten that one and it beckons deep in the (very) dark grunge/post-grunge waters in my once teenage soul.


I like Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years
Simply Red’s Holding Back the Years
Future and Post Malone stuff…
and I actually think those aren’t guilty or embarrassing, so I don’t think I’m eligible.


I’ve wept while listening to Sting’s “Fortress around your heart.” Am I getting closer?


There’s a form of female rapping/singing that sounds close to baby talk and it doesn’t bother me, and I might like it. I think DojaCat does it, idk…


Agree – great stuff! (although personally I do think that Post Malone should be put in an old sack and beaten with bamboo sticks)

I guess that the guilty pleasures part might be a generational thing – whereas I was brought up under the reign of a credibility code, most Millennials do not seem to give a damn about the dos’/and don’ts’ that to some extent shaped my musical preferences. It is a curse I live with.


Yes - bang on target!

I myself think this is pretty grand (though I would never be caught dead with a Sting album):


My embarrassment stems from the fact that a lot of the songs I like in that regard are over 50 years old. When humming along in the grocery store i’m outed as being old as dirt.


Yeah, scary stuff. When I was in my late teens in the early 90s, I though the Beatles were from another century and the early 60s were all in black and white. But when you do the maths, there is only a 30 year gap between the early 60s and 90s … and 2022 minus 30 equals 1992.


That’s such a great song. I took a train from Berlin to Hamburg when I was 13 to see Sting on the Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour because I liked that song so much.


This song is great too.


Jesus, this is embarrassing. This thread better not be used against me down the line.


Yeah, I said it.



Ha! Yes. On motherfucking Rock’n’Roll.