Guilty pleasures


Wait, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bonnie Raitt are embarrassing to like?


i think for me, as a male, when i put these on my playlists, my dudes are like wtf rodney? and this not embarrassing for me…i just love a good song


Okay, we’ll enroll them at a toxic masculinity workshop.


couldn’t agree more.
i was recently diagnosed w/ sarcastic masculinity.

so i got that goin for me, which is nice


Wow … just wow. I loved that song so much when I was a kid that it must have been encoded into my DNA.



Get ready!







LB is the real hero. Way to put it all out there! :sunflower::trophy::sunflower:


That’s a joke, right?


Go fuck yourself


Nothing embarrassing about that!



LB, I will never feel guilty about my affinity for 90s R&B


Agreed. I still think it’s a pretty great song.


I love 90s West Coast and Atlanta hip hop so much with the strong roots in 70s funk (Bootsy, Parliament, etc). But today it is harder to ignore the sexism and listen to some of the funkiest/nastiest stuff at home (I have an eight-year old daughter that is starting to understand the lyrics).

But here is a Jay Z track (think he is incredible, btw). Although I hate Linkin Park to death and beyond, regretabIy I think this one is iconic: