Guilty pleasures


Too much in the best possible way (love Bob Seeger but this one has a special place in my heart):


Okay, one of the greatest divorce songs (no irony). This one is from the album ABBA recorded around the time when the members (two couples) were going through their divorces. Lots of anger, bitterness and hate. The piano dude (Ulvaeus) wrote the lyrics when he and his then-wife (Fältskog) had handed in the papers. Fältskog first got the lyrics sheets just when she entered the recording booth and sang the song with tears streaming down her face, looking straight at Ulvaeus who sat in the producer’s seat.


Not at all. I was listening to a lot of country music radio around that time, because my car didn’t have a CD player. After 9/11, country music went totally nuts with jingoism, but that song by Alan Jackson brought so much humanity to what was going on. I could do without “I talk to Jesus” etc, but it’s still a very moving song to me.


My apologies, I confused this song with the Toby Keith tune.


No worries. All these white boys with mullets and cowboy hats look the same.



About the Dexter Freebish song – that is one f-cked up lyric. I know that there is a tradition of songs on that theme – Elvis “Long Black Limousine” being one of the most canonical works – but what is going on here? “You felt compelled to leave this little shitty town but I wanted to stay so I wish you all the bad shit in the world”. It is like the “anti-Born to Run”. The Elvis song is at least an old-fashioned morality about the perils of the bright big city lights and fame. Am I missing something essential?


Manic Pixie Dream Girl, marry me that’s why you were fucking born, a song by Dexter Freebish.


Somebody obviously decided to give a raging psychopath a record deal.


I mean, this isn’t exactly an ideal consider your audience moment, but you seem to have very diverse listening habits, so I’ll throw it out there anyway…. It’s aged like the Damned Yankees single, like I cheated on you, because you are lame, but now I need you to be awesome enough to make me forget my dalliances with a stripper. One of the most misogynistic albums I’ve ever heard is a New Found Glory album my sister subjected me to that never even registered as such when it was going on.


I am rocking headphones and also, among other things, enjoy gangster rap (okay, I am like the dude in Office Space) and Southern rock, warts and all, so you can pretty much throw anything my way. Actually, I am fascinated with f-cked up lyrics in mainstream songs. Like, “how on earth could someone write words like these – and why did so many people sing along to them”?


For me, it’s Against the Wind.



Another over the top gem with panache (well, sort of):


I don’t know how guilty I feel about it, since I love Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums. But not necessarily the first thing I mention when people ask me about what I’m listening to.

Also I’m a sucker for the 80s cheese:


love all these!


I can’t listen to that song because it’s an actual truck commercial. I do love Bob Seger and will shed a tear for Fire Lake.


I saw Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band play outdoors at the Michigan jam (about 45 years ago) and Alto Reed his sax player played from a hot air balloon above the crowd.

I wasn’t a huge fan when I went, but I came away with much respect for Bob.


The JZ/LP up EP was amazing.

My buddy was managed by the same team that managed Linkin Park and we ended up going to a concert for free. I went fully prepared to hate but it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I met them and they were all really nice guys, too.


Phil Collins is an amazing songwriter and singer. I don’t understand the hate surrounding him.


I can’t justify this in any way. It’s offensive as all get out on every level.