Guilty pleasures


but oh so fucking good. i love that album







That’s some real shame inducing stuff, right there.


no shame.

guilty pleasure!


oh, but that video is god awful. wtf?


Vital distinction – thanks!

Also a big muchas gracias for Big Head Todd – that one had completely gone under my radar (but not anymore).

And about Dire Straits – truly essential stuff in this thread. I play the Money for Nothing collection from time to time (for some reason I do not like “Telegraph Road” that much anymore, though). First I was gonna post “Brothers in Arms” but decided to go for this smoker (awesome video too) – not hard to tell why Dylan wanted Knopfler for Infidels:


Yeah, commercials can taint a lot of great music.

And when we are on the topic of trucks, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for trucker songs.


Just hit me that the Candlebox song I posted has pretty much the same theme as the Dexter Freebish song … oh the bitterness of self-absorbed young men.


Love this story from Todd Snider’s book where he double-backs on back-talking Garth.



We lose our shit to this at work. All the intercoms, much banging and singing along.


You GOTTA get down on Friday …. Or as we call it, Fri-YAY yo!


I had never actually heard this but was aware it was known as a truly awful song. I gave it a listen today and it’s way better than I thought.

I think she’s kind of aware it is cheesy and corny, too. I don’t think she’s under any impression she’s the next Joni Mitchell.

I think it’s glorious in a silly, ridiculous way.


The rest of that album is a bit shit though, isn’t it?

I just realized that all the songs in here would make a solid playlist.


Moon Over Bourbon Street? Consider Me Gone? Shadows in the Rain? I think they’re solid. Children’s Crusade and Russians are cringeworthy though.


I loved that album and I hate Sting so it’s hard to admit.