Guilty pleasures





Who knew that RnR would be Ryan’s best record, in retrospect?



He must think so.


this is one i have to turn off when it comes on. this one brings me zero pleasure



Totally agree. May be the worst song I have ever heard, and I’ve heard some doozies


I guess the Black Keys are my guilty pleasure… everyone seems to hate them.


It’s like they took the chorus from some bad songs and stuck them together.


Love the Black Keys


Even dude’s wife seems to hate him.


I don’t follow the tabloids I guess.




Yet the optics of this are very bad for Patrick.


Carney is hilarious in interviews. I’ve actually only seen him on the Rogan podcast.


I’m with Balv and all on the Chumbawba.


Looks like I thump tubs alone.



I am not an all-out fan of Jewel but I think she has been undeservedly flogged over the years. Liked this album since it was released and I suspect that it could at least partly be seen as a precursor to some of today’s music (the combination of a glitzy pop/club sound and “mature” girl power lyrics). This one has some serious song hooks and bridges:

Could to some extent be compared with this more contemporary smoker, for example:

Yes Tove Lo sings: “Did you go down on his birthday? / Yup / Did you let him leave a necklace? / Yup / Or did you show him all your crazy? / No”.
(My eight-year daughter loves this track to pieces and soon she will learn English in school – I live in Sweden – oh, well …)