Guilty pleasures


Ope. Ahahaha.


Hey, no shame here; in my 90s cover album I did recently, I prominently featured Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me. I love that song so much


Also, not really ashamed of this one either. These lyrics are heavy.


It’s a veritable Lillith Fair in this thread now.


Yesssss…. The forever jam….


I had the misfortune of seeing Jewel live once.
She yodeled.


Sounds like the concert ticket was really worth it, if you look at it in a bigger perspective.


I bought that CD the day it came out.


What’s your favorite track?


Shawn Colvin-Trouble. I liked her a lot back then. That song has some great lines too:

I swear you look like you’re in jail
And all at once you’re halfway out the door
One foot dancing, one foot nailed
To the floor


It was a small festival put on by the radio station and Jewel was one of the openers.

I think it was The Lemonheads in their prime that I was there for.


This makes sense.


That I listen to Rogan or that he was on the Rogan podcast?


That was he was on the podcast and is currently in a tabloid shitshow.


Speaking of 90s country. It doesn’t get better than this one.




Imagine Dragons

A picture is worth a thousand words. So have some pictures (that move) with words! Featuring our favourite British and Canadian dinosaur hunters. Run by ebonyandunicorn. Please


My friends just took their 8 and 10 year old to see Imagine Dragons :dragon: