Guilty pleasures


Jesus, this is embarrassing. This thread better not be used against me down the line.



Poco went sharply downhill after the early 1970s. Still, this majestic track from 1976 with full blown falsettos is grand in an over the top way … and it never ends.



this cover is bangin’ :slight_smile:


As is this one:


Speaking of guilty pleasures, just about everything about this is: the video, the song, the sentiment…


They just had Melissa Etheridge play at a dinner party on the BH housewives. It was…. Surreal and painful.


I really liked her first couple of albums back when they came out. I saw her in Berlin the day after the Wall fell. She happened to be in town to play, and it turned out to be THAT DAY. It was a great show. I saw her one more time after Yes I Am came out, but when I try to listen to the first couple of albums now, they sound incredibly dated. I still like her cover of Joan Armatrading’s The Weakness in Me.


My mom had a lot of “of the moment” records from this time period and I had no cash, so I have spent a lot a lot of time with things like “Yes I am” and “Tuesday Night Music Club,” and “Relish.”


Ha! Well, I have no excuse other than that I liked the music at the time. Let’s not forget about “Pieces of You.” Did your mom have that one too?


OH OF COURSE…. But I liked Spirit better. Not sure I do now, but back then…


I liked Spirit better too. Standing Still was also a guilty pleasure. I just tried to listen to this but couldn’t.


Wull, and I don’t want to be uncharitable, but she also had a lot less respectable stuff too, like Natalie Imbruglia and Jennifer Paige and Dido. But I always think, like, this is how you win bar trivia.


(I am painfully aware that Dido is not in the same league as these other two, but have you gone back and tried to listen to Faithless? NO, I want my fam-i-lee back.)


This might be a “I like to eat my own vomit” kinda confession but I should stay true to the topic I created … so I gotta admit to liking “Torn” more than I would have admitted at gun pint at the time it came out. What can I say, I like melodies and bridges. But that video really makes my skin crawl. If you look up the term “corporate product” in an encyclopedia, there is likely a shot from that video on the same page.


The genesis of the ring light….

On this same thread, guys I don’t know that anyone in this world has spent more time with “This Fire” than me and I already had all of the Highway Man memorized by the time we had it in school thanks to Lorena McKennitt.


good point on Torn – I have to say I like that one too for the same reasons :joy: It does remind me of high school and the lot of us jumping in the car and heading down to the beach at lunch time (I had the benefit of growing up in a town maybe 5, 10 mins from the beach – I wouldn’t call it a beach town by any means, but I guess in some sense it was)


Oh man, definitely a guilty pleasure. I’m deeply ashamed.




And this!