Guilty pleasures


Okay, I’ll stop now.


No wait, can we retitle this thread “Eat your own vomit”? Thanks in advance.


No shame there. Torn is a banger.


I am a bit … torn about that.


It’s kind of like how Hello it’s Me is so saccharine but worth the diabetes.


Todd is awesome. This one is anything but a guilty pleasure but I cannot help but stray from the topic when I get an excuse to post “Dust in the Wind” – it is incredible:


Okay, that’s an even better title for thread.


You guys are hysterical.

I liked Melissa Etheridge in the 90’s. I liked Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan even more. I also liked the Indigo Girls and I still like Liz Phair and I’ve seen all of them live.

But I never ever liked Jewel. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked all of them, but never as much as the alt-country people I listened to in the 90s. And at least none of them are a guilty pleasure…cough, Ryan Adams.


I saw Melissa Ethridge backing up Steve Winwood on tour for her first album I think. She had worn on me already by then.

I liked the Indigo Girls for a while, I guess that’s a guilty pleasure.


Who does not need some truly heavy handed but catchy as hell social message hip hop?


i like jewel the most out of all of those.

i saw crow perform…man she was a dud and lifeless. i would like to see the indigo girls. i don’t like etheridge’s voice or lyrics. and maclachlan…i can’t ever stop seeing dying puppies locked in a wire cage


Yes, that’s what I thought too. She was on the same bill with Jason Isbell this year, and I was underwhelmed.


I have to say, Jack Johnson’s newest one, Meet the Moonlight is a really good album. Love this one:


This too


Yeah, I have to mute those ASPCA commercials to masturbate to them.


Contender for Most Romantic Edition:


I forgot the most cringy one:


And I guess I’ll put these here too.


I love A Camp.