Happy birthday to @Dougoblue



Happy Birthday young man.


Thank you much, brother.


Happy birthday, Dougo!!!


Happy birthday Dougo! Lots to celebrate this year.


Happy Birthday Dougo!! :heart:


Happy birthday, Mr Blue. Boom Shankar!


I had to google that one… thanks!



Ha! It’s an old classic (uttered by Neil in “The Young Ones” TV show)


Happy Birthday, Dougo! :birthday:


Happy birthday @DougoBlue!


Happy Birthday! :tada::birthday::tada:


Thanks a lot y’all.

I got a package from my work colleague and it was a brand new iPhone SE. The guy at the store who was helping me switch over asked me what I had planned for my birthday. I told him I was thinking of going to go out to eat, then see some band play and then stop for drinks… but of course all that stuff is closed down here in Michigan.


I love my iPhone SE!!! So small and amazing! :))))


when i did my upgrade this year i got the new iphone 12 mini. i fucking love it. small and compact…when i grabbed the old one i couldn’t be i was lugging that thing around.

i’m staying w/ small phones from here on out.

i’ll have a beer for you this friday in my garage :slight_smile:


My daughter has an iPhone 12 and it’s got the facial recognition technology, which is pretty cool. This SE is the same size as my old 6S, so its what I’m used to.

That’ll be the extent of my celebration… a beer and a few puffs in the garage. Never got around to it yesterday.