Happy Birthday to our favorite turkey: the Balv 🐥


Happy birthday @thebalvenie! Hope you have a good one!


HB balvert!


Happy Birthday, little turkey.
Hope you get everything you wish for this year!

:rainbow: :star2: :birthday: :bacon: :snowflake::blossom: :unicorn:



Happy birthday, Rodknee!

Have a blast!


Happy belated birthday! :tada::confetti_ball::tada::beers::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::tada:


Thank u all!!!

Had an amazing couple of days as my brother’s wife and kids have stayed with us for about 5 days.

So good to see them and I’m really love the fact they are excited to see me and hang out with me

Makes my heart happy
And I get a little piece of Jeffry


Happy you had a great birthday! Keep breathing!


Keep being a light in the darkness…and keep making fun of Monkey.

HBD, Guy!



means a lot to an old timer like me. you all make me feel special. hope you all had a wonderful gobble wobble day.


i got a new RL Winston 8 wt Fly Rod “Nimbus” special

what more could i want!!! :slight_smile:

bring on the big fish


Happy belated birthday, old man.



Congratulations Balv, 50 is the new 30!


This is good news. My 30’s were pretty slammin’


I can’t remember much of my 30’s… must have been pretty great.


Happy belated Rod, sorry I missed the day, what was I thinking ? !!


Thank u!


Happy belated Balv. Hope you enjoyed your day!!




You have a cake next to your name.
Is Dec. 8th your birthday, too?



Nov 23rd