Happy Birthday


Hb Nick.


HBD .You are all that and a bag of chips.


Happy belated birthday. May the Maytag blue cheese factory reopen in your honor.


mmm. The best! Speaking of Maytag blue cheese…

I got this 4lb wheel and jar for Christmas. The green cup is my water changing system. The jar has a little water reservoir at the bottom that needs to be changed twice a week. I cut a hole in the bottom of the cup making changing water much simpler.


Is that really Maytag? I thought they went out of business.


Two words: Stilton.


They make the best Stilton near me, Hartington, Derbyshire.


Yup it is! And nope,they are still making cheese in caves.


I like stilton too


Whoa! I guess I just can’t get it out here anymore. I love that someone gifts you such fine cheese.


wish someone would gift me cheese! fucking love it all. i have a dear friend that is a fucking whiny little pussy about cheese. only likes cheddar and gouda…thinks the stinky moldy stuff is nasty. good cheese is like good pussy…if it smells funky, then it’s going to taste great.

wait, i think i meant coffee…not pussy


Ha. My mom gets it for me. It’s a sweet gift. She knows how much I love it. The only downside, and it’s a huge downside, is that the cheese, combined with the jar takes up a shit ton of space in the fridge.


You have two dear friends who don’t like stinky moldy cheese. :yum: I don’t whine about it though, I just don’t eat it.


I’m lucky enough to have a cheesemonger for a friend. She has a shop and everything. Encyclopedic knowledge too. But at boutique prices (necessarily, they fine fine cheeses) they are usually for a treat.


There are some things I am always willing to pay top dollar for. Weed, conditioner, cheese.


Have you tried It’s a 10 conditioner?


No but I looked it up and now I’m intrigued. I use Aveda or Biolage


Happy Birthday ! My birthday is April 8th.


Way to make it about you!!


Someone recommended it to me a few years ago and I never looked back. I use the leave in conditioner spray and the conditioner too.