Happy Birthday


You have two dear friends who don’t like stinky moldy cheese. :yum: I don’t whine about it though, I just don’t eat it.


I’m lucky enough to have a cheesemonger for a friend. She has a shop and everything. Encyclopedic knowledge too. But at boutique prices (necessarily, they fine fine cheeses) they are usually for a treat.


There are some things I am always willing to pay top dollar for. Weed, conditioner, cheese.


Have you tried It’s a 10 conditioner?


No but I looked it up and now I’m intrigued. I use Aveda or Biolage


Happy Birthday ! My birthday is April 8th.


Way to make it about you!!


Someone recommended it to me a few years ago and I never looked back. I use the leave in conditioner spray and the conditioner too.