Happy Birthday


You have two dear friends who don’t like stinky moldy cheese. :yum: I don’t whine about it though, I just don’t eat it.


I’m lucky enough to have a cheesemonger for a friend. She has a shop and everything. Encyclopedic knowledge too. But at boutique prices (necessarily, they fine fine cheeses) they are usually for a treat.


There are some things I am always willing to pay top dollar for. Weed, conditioner, cheese.


Have you tried It’s a 10 conditioner?


No but I looked it up and now I’m intrigued. I use Aveda or Biolage


Happy Birthday ! My birthday is April 8th.


Way to make it about you!!


Someone recommended it to me a few years ago and I never looked back. I use the leave in conditioner spray and the conditioner too.


Happy birthday, @nick



Happy Birthday, Nick!
:blush: you’re #1


Happy Birthday Nick! :cake::birthday::gift::balloon:


Happy Smurfday Nick! you old bastard you!

hope it’s a good one.

i had a dream last night about you…you sent me a msg on instagram that you were opening a sushi restaurant named SushiNix …weird, eh?


Happy birthday mate.


Great job being born!


Happy Birthday nick! Thanks for keeping this place running.


Thank you, everyone!

Sorry I am just know seeing this!


Hope you had the happiest of birthdays, Nick.


HB, Nicolai.

Trying to teach my kid boxing (he’s going into middle school). Thought of your boxing story you shared a while back


I had a wonderful birthday weekend. We went to Louisville to see John Mulaney. He was fantastic.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday, @LBSUNFLWR and @exile

Thank you for letting me be a small part of your days. I hope you have a super fun Saturday and get all the good eats. :yellow_heart: