Happy Birthday


Thank you! :two_hearts:
I have a good weekend planned.


Thanks Saf. You’re a wonderfully kooky part of our days and they’re all the better for it.

We’re both having good eats I have heard on the grapevine! :blush:


Happies birthdays yous twos!


happy birthday @LBSUNFLWR and @exile! Hope it’s a great weekend!


Happy Birthday, @LBSUNFLWR & @exile!
:birthday: :beers::confetti_ball:🥳



I had a pretty perfect day.
Went to the Logan Street Market and had an egg and cheese on a fresh bagel.
Drove over to Indiana to go to Polly’s Freeze, my favorite soft ice cream spot, before they close for the year.
Tried on glasses for the first time and made an appointment to get my eyes checked.
Went to Ruth’s Chris for an incredible dinner.
Home watching a live show on YouTube


Sounds like a pretty awesome day, glad to hear!


Happy birthday @LBSUNFLWR & @exile.

Had an excellent meal at a Ruth’s Chris’ several years ago. The only place that topped it for me is the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle.



enjoy some john craigie on your special day


happy bday LB!!! <3