Happy Father's day


I hope everyone had a good one


My folks came over for a grill out and pontoon boat ride. We had a nice time.

Hope you had a good day with the kids, Nick. You are a good dad.


I had my son for the past week but I had to take him home yesterday so he could start summer camp today. It’s been quiet here today.


Hope you guys had a good day!


fished the blackfoot w/ my good friend on saturday and the fishing was excellent
sunday we woke up early and had homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes and bacon for breakfast…then we all went on a nice long float w/ friends.


Went to a minor league baseball game with wife, kids, and F-I-L.

Wife bought me loose leaf tea collection and a 4 pack of Duvel.


My ex wife sent me a bill to pay.


Oh, I fucking know that one.


Somehow I picture Mutineer as Bill Murray when I read this.


I helped the stepdaughters make homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast in bed for their dad. Then we took him out to dinner that evening.

Absolutely fell down on the job… I had to have him drive me by a Walgreens after dinner so I could pickup a card for him.