Hayes Carll--What Happened?


I’m pretty sure I heard about Trouble in Mind on the .org. I loved that album. KMAG YOYO was okay–a few too many fillers. The last couple of albums have been mediocre, frankly. The one that was just released is quite disappointing. Any theories?


agreed completely. such promise…what a voice and great lyrics. he kind of fell of for w/ those last albums…every once in a while i’ll hear him on something like a movie or in the background somewhere…at this point he’s like a poor man’s ryan bingham.

y’all ever listen or try Whitey Morgan…it’s fucking good country rock…also, one of the best concerts i’ve been to…high energy and engaging show.


I just started the new one this morning. Only got through 3-4 songs so I haven’t formed an opinion. I love his voice. I don’t really know any of his albums well though.

He came to town last year and played solo acoustic in a tiny theater and we liked the show a lot.


I put the new Ryan Bingham on cd for the car too but haven’t listened yet. His last few got weak too compared to his first two.

Also great voice and also good live.
Both Hayes and Ryan Bingham easy on the eyes too. 🥰 just sayin. Am I still allowed to say things like that??

Also, me and Amy G hung out with him outside his show in NYC many moons ago.


I’ve seen him live a several times, and some of those shows where among the best I’ve seen. The last several shows, he seemed to run low on energy. This may be one of those things where an artist is just not living up to the huge expectations generated by earlier albums and performances.


Yeah, I haven’t been listening to Ryan Bingham in a while. I am curious about his new album, since it was produced by Charlie Sexton. I have a serious man-crush on Charlie Sexton.


Some people have ‘it.’ Some people have ‘an album.’

I would think it would be hard for RB to maintain the lifestyle of travelin’ man cliches he mined for his early works.


But do you think he’s cute?


Also I heard RB is on a tv show. My friend told me to watch but I haven’t. Anyone seen this?


Both are in the Dropbox. If you want them I can invite you to the box?


Downloaded a bunch on amazon prime, liking it a lot so far. Good man.


He’s no Charlie Sexton.

Thanks for the offer to Dropbox, I actually have the albums, but I haven’t listened to them.


Saw and liked I recommended it on here as well in the TV thread


Both cuter than Charlie Sexton, I looked him up.
Also I just saw him in the movie Blaze. He was a big part of the movie.


Blaze was fantastic, and Charlie as Townes was the best part, in my opinion.

All I can say is that I’m glad that I won’t have to fight you over the man.


Really want to see this but not showing up in many places in the UK. Not for sale on dvd that I can find here yet.


I saw Charlie Sexton as part of the Arcangels way back then. Great guitar player, along with Doyle II.

Guess I never noticed who was better looking.


I saw them way back too! So glad Doyle grew up. Back then he was kind of a douche pistol.


Yes, I really like the new Doyle much better. He even plays a Heritage guitar now!


New photo by diane forsyth
If this recent pic is any indication, I’d say drugs or alcohol.