Heat wave!


At the risk of being a parrot, the UK is currently melting. It’s reached 100 degrees, I’ve never known it to be this hot, and I have graying hair. Nearly all houses have no form of A/C so the only refuge is the local supermarket, but oh wait, all the refrigeration units have broken down. The entire household cannot fit into our single bathtub for a cold one, and quite frankly I’m very scared about shrinkage, especially when it never seems to affect the dog, who’s looking at me like he wants in on this.


go to the pub?


They don’t have cold baths there. Or cold beer either. We only do warm piss round these parts


I can’t imagine living without air conditioning.
We hit 110 last week with the humidity factored in. Brutal!!
Good luck.



Swamp cooler!


It’s already been up to 101 here a while back but yesterday the high was a breezy 90 degrees.


I’m hoping the “household” doesn’t include children. It gets humid here. Mowing the lawn in the summer feels never-ending.

I feel like this

But I never end up jacked.


It’s been getting into the high 90s in LA and the AC in our rental house is broken. Fortunately it cools off at night so we just leave all the windows and doors open so Shadowmonkey can come in a slash me


I’m a germaphobe and slashing you would be considerable messy.


We may crack 80 here this weekend. Happy Summer!!