Hey strangers


Wow, so I had tried to check in before but thought the site was shut down.

Went thru and was glad to see a lot of old familiar faces.

Hope you all are well!

<3 Erica


Wow, also love that I always post a thread with the same fucking title. Some shit never changes.


If I Am A Stranger (then it’s probably because I’m a Borderline sociopath and a misogynistic douche)


Hi beautiful Erica, I hope that the light/love of the sublogos shines kindly on you and that you vibrate harmoniously towards Infinite Creator. I am Ra. I leave you now in the light/love love/light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.


Hey E


:wave: Hi E!

We miss ya! Watched your new video the other day. Nice job. :smiley:


Hi! You still making guitar/song videos?


I apologise for my original comment. That was a dick move by me.




My cats are alright :wink:


Glad you are still playing music. Keep it up.


I recently picked one of my guitars the other day for the first time in awhile and started learning a Brian Fallon song. I’ve been attempting other songs of his in the last year or two. I also started learning Papa Was A Rodeo


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