Hi everyone! (old member)


I forgot to say hello! I am from the alt country board. I was “vasinger” there. It’s nice to come back and see the old faces . I also enjoy posting on The Apricity, but I took a break from there for awhile . Does anyone know how Indiana Wildflower is doing? She was a doll. I saw she had a Tumblr awhile back. I quit Tumblr some time ago. It’s full of raging feminists and SJW’s, lol. Anyways, Shalom!


Good morning, cunt lips!


We all know you’re in there Waves, come out of your blubberous Meade suit


No, I am the real Meade . I have a Germanic build. Not really obese.


So, not a bear?


Post a pic holding a sign that says “Free Ryan”


He’d be more willing to hold up a sign that says “Eat Mor Chikin”


Either one is fine. I need proof otherwise I know it’s Waves


There is one way to test if this is Meade.

Question @Richmondbread

The video “Fat No More” takes place in a restaurant in Richmond. What is the name of the establishment?


It is him


He’s still fat though.


Maybe I should leave.


I have a Germanic build.


can you write a song about ryan for us?


You don’t have to do that. Just don’t be racist or bigoted


This is what you get if you Google “Germanic Build”


Seriously. Googled on a PC.




I’m not body shaming or anything, I’m just pointing out that Germanic build isn’t a thing


Yikes. And these.

Dude. You need to know that anything you put on the internet will be there forever. Think before you post!