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Sure it is. I have a lot of German ancestry, and the Germanic build is a thing. Germans are built very robust and more muscular with broad shoulders and big legs. This is the Germanic build most present in Southern Germany , such as Bavaria. In the extreme North Germany they are built more like the Anglos , with medium frames and blonde haired and blue eyed. This is based on their phenotype. Germanic build usually implies Crogmagnid mixed with Atlantid and Alpine phenotype. Hope that helps!






Give us one result from the internet that says “Germanic build” and isn’t something you created on a forum or post.

If you can’t, it’s your creation, not a thing.

There are ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs.

Back when Twilight was a thing there was something called Ottermode, which is the opposite of a mesomorph or overweight individual.

But there isn’t a body type called “Germanic build.”


It’s not an exact Science, but it’s part of a phenotype. If you look at Bavarians, for example. They exemplify it the most.


Yeah. You look NOTHING like them.


Meade, that image is a repost of your own post about this topic.

Try to burn some calories making this argument. Try quoting someone other than yourself.


Of course we don’t look exactly alike. But they are broader- similar build and body type. Most Germans are like this. (NOT ALL). Being bigger is not fatter , although unfortunately, I have both.


Unless they’re national socialists, apparently.


You have a body like the one on the left, but your hair is shorter and thinning.


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Bigger chesticles too.



this is pretty good


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My hair is not thinning. it’s the same as it was 10 years ago. I have very fine hair.


Nope. Trump is not a socialist. Nationalism and socialism are two different things.


Thanks for playing.


Look. I’m going to treat you the same way I treat everyone else. I’m going to bust your balls, call you out when you are idiot, and praise you when you do good.

So far I’ve done the first two. Change my mind.