Hi everyone! (old member)



It’s Black Forest Ham day at Subway so I guess we had to see what can never be unseen


Everyone loves to be critical on the internet.


Do I look Jewish?


Well, if you were, I’d expect a whole lot more from you, intellectually speaking.


My IQ is 120. That is considered fairly bright.


Maybe for your family.


that’s not meade.


Yes it is


yeah i just changed my mind after seeing posts in other thread. wow.


Not that it matters, but my Daddy’s IQ is 140 and my mother’s was 120. I am bad at math so it lowers it a bit.


This is blowing my mind. It’s not me! I’m as shocked as you are.


Clearly, Meade is of the Cream Puff wing of the Bavarian family tree.



I have lost 14 lbs since January


Oh shit, diabetes finally take your foot?


Watch out–you don’t want to end up skinny-fat.


No worries! I still do weight liftin’ and I’m a dancing cow. So I get plenty of muscle building exercises.


You stayin away from those hipster coffee shops?


I had several gigs canceled because of my unwavering support for Donald Trump