Hi everyone! (old member)


Hey–you made the Urban Dictionary! That’s quite a feat.

meade skelton
Severely overweight/obese country singer who trolls countless Internet forums with delusional and self-promoting comments. Commonly refers to himself in the third person. Again, is very fat. Almost certainly a homosexual. Has a dead mother and lives with his father, in his basement. Stands 5 feet 7 inches but claims he is “not short.”

Penned the hit song “We Talk in Circles,” reportedly while binging on twinkies and M&Ms over a three-day period.
OMG that fat guy trolling our board is totally a Meade Skelton.


I’m not 5’7, I’m at least 3 inches or more taller than that.


Seriously people? I was away for a few months - Ryan’s career goes down in flames and now this? I’m sorry - I really am. I will never leave again. Now fucking behave yourselves. Jesus Christ on a crutch…


We didn’t ask for Meade to come back. He just emerged like a swamp thing.


I will leave soon so everyone can have their echo chamber back


Promise? If so I need a timeline.



Bro you came in here and accused someone’s spouse of being responsible for their own illness. Stop acting like a victim and hiding behind your own ignorance. Take responsibility for your words/actions and be a man.


or just be a fucking decent HUMAN.


I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth. I did apologize.


hell of an apology. the non apology apology.


I didn’t even realize his wife had cancer until I re-read everything. The OP just says 'F- cancer"


Then why did you say “I will pray for the situation?” Stand by your stupid convictions.


You don’t strike me as someone who skip all over the important details in a thread and then post a blanket statement about how bitterness leads to cancer

I mean you’re an ass and an idiot but you truly believe the shit you spew


Perhaps we can all start over? Forgive and forget? Liberals are very tolerant, aren’t they?


Pease leave. For good.


We’re tolerant of other types of people with habits different from our own.

But nobody is tolerant of assholes and people full of hate. And we’re not required to be, you fucking simpleton.


sure thing.

you first.

i’m a libertarian though.


I thought you were a libertine.


You’re either tolerant or intolerant. I am proud to say , yes I am intolerant ( of certain things). At least I’m honest about my intolerance. The horseshoe logic “I’m intolerant of intolerance” went out with Che guevara