Hi everyone


How are Y’all?
Well this year has gone by fast! I miss Indiana Wildflower. I am still singing. I was almost arrested this past summer. Hope Y’all have a Merry Christmas!


You haven’t died from complications of diabetes or racial justice yet?


How has Covid impacted your mall Santa gig? Do the fat kids exacerbate your diabetic neuropathy?


I don’t have the diabetes


Is it true that you are still the only person to ever “outgrow” the Chick-Fil-a cow suit?


No, they shut it down because of the “pandemic”. Bless your heart.


Merry Christmas, Meade!!


Keep standing up for social justice, Meade. Richmond has made a lot of progress lately.


not sure why everyone is being so nice.

hey, meade how about you go back to whatever bigot-filled asshole hole you came from and fuck off, eh?


I don’t know about nice. His first response was Monkey asking why he isn’t dead.


Well, I posed it in a nice way. Unlike that jerk lube, Balv, who basically broke the rules of this platform. Bad Balv. Bad!


this is true.

my bad.


But either way, fuck you Meade, you racist twat.


Is someone with a Germanic build actually suited for a mall Santa gig?


Depends on the mall, I suppose.


Haven’t malls pretty much become ghost towns anyhow? Even before Covid 19?



I don’t understand why people think I’m a “racist”. That’s a made up term by Bolsheviks. Anyway, Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


It’s too bad the south lost the war a second time Meade, and you had to suffer that humiliation in Richmond all over again.

Did you inherit a nice estate? Are you free-swinging bachelor on the prowl now?


We will take it back. Going up to DC on January 6th.