Hi everyone


Try not to die like a dog.


Suck 12 dicks, Meade. One for every day of Christmas. :christmas_tree:


Serious question: did people, when you were in high school, say you had “such a promising future?”

If so, what happened?


I was mall cow years ago but then I was hired by a stand alone chick fil a. Now I work in retail, but I’m hoping to get a job at Publix, although I hear the competition is something fierce. Luckily Im only one class away from getting my AA degree. I may transfer to Liberty University.


Hey don’t be so hard on yourself. Just because you’re heavy and like to shop doesn’t make you a ‘mall cow.’


But, he didn’t quite possess the necessary attributes to be a “mall chick”.


So you’re graduating from a cow costume to a clown outfit.


I think I’d rather be a cow than some zoo creature.


merry fuck-off.

you’re a racist. slice it up and sugar-coat it any way that makes you feel better. but still, please, fuck off. forever.


So now lefties are calling any white person who is self aware and doesn’t want to see the decimation of their own culture a racist? Ok.


I don’t think you’re as self aware as you think you are.


And what exactly is “white culture”?


Something about tiki torches.


No, White European culture is extremely diverse. Our country was founded by White European men. Right now there is war being launched against White Anglo Saxon Protestants and White history. Why don’t we have a White history month? Now they are replacing the honorable Robert E. Lee in the US Capital with some obscure Negress. It’s just sad.


“some obscure Negress.”

You’re a horrible person.


No, erasing our history is horrible and it is communist.


Every month but February in this country is ‘White History Month.’ The fact that you don’t understand that underscores your inability to reason. That and the fact that you are as old as you are and are still only working with a high school education.

In short, you’re uneducated, so you really have no place in a substantive discussion of American history of any sort.


And I’m not sure this is really you, Meade. Post a picture of yourself–a specific one, then I will believe it is you.

Post a pic of yourself in a Christmas sweater holding a glass of sweet tea. Then I will know you are really replying to these posts.


I’m not sure how this escalated so quickly. People kept calling me a “racist”. But at least Jesse Lee Peterson has designated July as White History Month.


There’s an easy solution: fuck off and never come back.