Hi everyone


You wouldn’t know what “communist” was if it fucked you in a cow costume.


I know commies like to remove statues, rename things, and destroy the local culture and history. God bless!


Like I said.


i’m not a lefty…

you’re a lost cause and you’re forever gonna miss the point. fuck off.


get the fuck out of here and go suck on some more tear gas you troll.


You need to accept that black people are free, women can vote and milk costs more than 15 cents a gallon.


You dishonor your mother’s memory and make Jesus weep when you are a racist troll. Be better.


Confederate Statues are the ultimate participation trophy. There are many reasons to take them down, see video below.



He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They are not “racist” statues. They are war memorials and had nothing to do with Jim Crow.


Ironically, what we are experiencing in America is the Taliban removing our history.


Please explain how this movement to rename places and remove statues is anything like the Taliban. Do you think people will forget the Civil War? Since you are making comparisons, remind me, was it political people on the left or on the right that had plans to kidnap the governor of Michigan AND Virginia?

I figure since you’re here, I wanted you to answer a survey, which term is the least offensive to you and the group you identify with: Y’all Qaeda, Vanilla Isis, or Yokel Haram?



Because these are historical landmarks and it’s what the taliban does. Remove and rename and destroy the character of a place. It also is a terrible waste of money. All of this money can be used for schools or charities to help the poor.




Who here has the ban hammer? Man’s gotta go.



We can still pray for our enemies


“Enemies? I have no enemies except the inability to comprehend.”–Alexander Meiklejohn.


You should pray for pizza or mac and cheese or mashed potatoes or whatever is making you so fat, because that shit will kill you.