Hi everyone


Really? He’s gotta go? That would be one solution to end this shit show of a thread. Another solution would have been for us “so called, intelligent adults” to have ignored his topic to begin with. His original message that started this thread implied no ill will. The rest of us turned this thread into the hate spewing cluster fuck that it is. But, let’s ban him because we lack any semblance of self-restraint?


I don’t eat fast food.


Works for me.


Well, whatever you are eating is slowly choking your heart.

And who cooks your food for you?


Meade, although a huge piece of shit of historical proportions, won’t be banned for simply being a piece of shit. Sorry. This is coming from a guy whose wife passed away from a cancer that Meade said was caused by her being bitter.


That wasn’t what I said. I said that sometimes cancer can be caused by a root of bitterness.


Oh that’s totally different.


I want to fight him. :slight_smile:


Yeah…go fuck yourself.


I thought this was supposed to be the season of peace and goodwill.


Not when you’re around.

You’re like a wet fart on a date. Never a good thing.


I wouldn’t touch him. He just screams “clammy”


Well, you can fight someone with a bat…or croquet mallet.


Meade once suggested conversion therapy after someone made the Yuletide gay.


The darkest night of Meade’s soul was one swampy evening after using a bidet after missionary work in Uruguay. Satan speaks the loudest to those he thinks will sin. He repeated this over and over until he drifted off into a fevered dream of sitting on fire hydrants, slowly growing fur all over his body and becoming a hellhound, nipping at the truth that burned inside of him.


Yeah, but in Meade’s defense, the Yuletide was becoming flamboyantly gay. We’re talking Liberace proportions. Surprisingly, there were quite a few homosexuals that were in agreement with Meade’s request.


It’s the same every time. He comes in all “hey howdy” and passive aggressively drops his ignorance so we can all feed on him like a pack of wolves. He knows it. He comes for it. I’ve stopped feeling guilty.


No need to feel guilty. But, it doesn’t have to be the same thing every time either. Everyone could simply not reply to him. I get the vibe that Meade is simply an attention seeker. Whether that attention is positive or negative is immaterial. This routine only works if we play along. And we do play along & help make it the same thing every time.


It’s symbiotic, so I don’t feel bad.


I’m really starting to believe that he’s is this massively brilliant troll that does most everything as a self spank. He doesn’t need or want our approval. He just wants to stroke his dink and his ego.