Home Improvement Thread


Inb4 Waves says I’m old.

We had a thread on the last board, wanted to start this one. I don’t have anything of note at the moment.

I installed a new wax ring on a toilet flange. It was easy to remove the toilet. I’ve heard lots of people talk about back injuries, but I was all quads taking it off. Now, putting it back forces you to fuck up your form to line it up with the mounting screws. My back is fine, just a little strained.


we have an apt complex w/ 30 units.

i did 30 new toilets in 2 days

got there friday night w/ a pallet full of boxed up toilets.

so i put each set by the door and marked accordingly.

after that i assembled all of them w/ the tanks and tank kits

removing the old ones sucked…i thought out loud at one point…i’m removing about 20 years of flu season in these damn things. ugh.

kohler makes good toilets…


Game of Thrones: Balvenie edition

Jesus, man. You must have the back of rhinoceros.

We may replace ours, so I’ll keep Kohlers in mind.


Legs dude!!!

I have really big quads

I love to hike and ski and do lunges and squats and Bulgarian squats too

Good legs mean being able to hang with the kids on the squash court


We’re going to be attempting to replace my back door and frame. My jackass of a dog decided to chew it up one day. Someone tried to break in about a month ago and destroyed it, the contractor had it switched in about 30 minutes. We still need to do the flooring in the 3rd bedroom and then whatever else my realtor thinks needs done.

Unfortunately I’m having to sell my house so we can start looking for a new one together. A 900 sq ft house is not big enough for 4 people and 2 large dogs!


Guys, Lacey married an attorney and is flipping houses now.

I feel old.

I wish I had legs like Rod’s. I’m going to try the Bulgarian squat with a 35lb kettle. I’m sure those deadlifts also helped your form doing all that squatty with the 20 potties.

I’m sure after the 3rd toilet, you had it down to a science. I think that’s why I suck at home improvement. I do one random project (reinstall a ceiling fan) every 5 years, so each time it’s like I’m doing it for the first time.


for sure man.

we’ve done a lot of upgrades to our facilities and as much time that i spend in the office; i welcome a reprieve and will love to get my hands on my channel locks and a screwdriver.

we have 133 units here that i manage
about 10 years ago we did all new kit and bath cabinets…so that meant new sinks (X2) and new faucets (X2) and then p-traps. after the first floor …we had it down to a science…removal of old and in w/ new and it was non-stop till it was done.
also new fridges too and when the delivery guys wouldn’t unwrap and put on the handles we had to do that too…it was kind of fun.

my tenants love to see me hanging xmas lights and changing furnace filters and plungin toilets

and i like it too.


My toilet is clogged with a big turd… can you swing by and take care of it?


Break it up with a coat hanger



Not married yet! And no houses have been flipped! My realtors coming over next week to talk with us about what she thinks needs done prior to selling.


I sold my house in Phoenix and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado into a 2 bedroom apartment.
I consider that an improvement. :grinning:


Anybody bought a new furnace lately?




Is that question not clear?

Has anyone bought a new furnace lately?
We have needed one for a while probably and are getting it Saturday.


question clear. intent or hidden question was only thing i was looking for…

i thought perhaps you needed help picking a brand…or instructions to install or a how-to-fix-it thingy :wink:


Had a guy out yesterday who the home warranty company sent who said he could do new furnace and AC for $6500.

Then we called Steve’s friend who runs HVAC company who said he’d get one and install on Saturday for $1000. Can’t beat that and we trust him.

Don’t need the AC replaced right now anyway.


$1,000 seems a little low… I’d think it would be more like 2 or 3 grand if it is a high efficiency model. That’s including labor, so maybe you are getting a real deal, but I’d make sure the furnace is a good one.


It’s one of our friends. He’s fixed our AC before for free. We’re basically paying his cost on the furnace and he’s installing on his day off for free.

But yes we will make sure it’s enough to heat our house. My house is only 1000 square feet anyway and all on one floor so it probably doesn’t need a huge furnace.

I trust him completely.


Yeah, that sounds reasonable then… Getting a high-efficiency furnace would probably be worth any extra cost - the extra efficiency will save back that extra money probably within a year or two and in most cases there are tax credits available for that money spent.


Were going to call him and ask how much more a high efficiency one would cost. If it’s only a few hundred it’d be worth it for the savings on our electric bill.