Home Improvement Thread


Oh, I was assuming it was gas.


Yes gas. Our gas and electric bill.


that is a great friend…

doug is right…2-3 is about right


now we are going with the two speed more efficient one for $2100.
he said if we’re planning to stay here a while it will be worth it and is much quieter!


That sounds like a better option… a programmable thermostat could also save you money and may be included in the tax credit as well.

As long as you have free labor available. :smirk:

See inch, take mile.


I will ask him tomorrow if he thinks we should change our thermostat.
Steve works from home and is here all day anyway so we don’t have a need to keep it lower during the day…but at the same time, our thermostat is old so maybe we should at least have a digital one.

and we are very lucky to have him. I’m sure we’ll need him for the AC soon enough too.


Even if he works from home and there’s always someone home it can still save you money. We program ours to drop the temp about 5º late at night until early morning. We don’t notice it as we are almost always comfortably sleeping. A few degrees for eight to ten hours every day adds up and will save you a lot of cash over the course of a year.

Maybe I’m introducing Michigan logic into this, but I think it could work for you too.


He said he will have a new digital thermostat to install for us too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Solid thread. Our HVAC unit is a 1997. It still works OK, but we know the end is coming.


Ours is 1996. Very loud too. And likely very dusty inside. we probably could have gone through the winter but I’m grateful to have a friend in the business who is willing to give us this time right now.


We have window unit AC and baseboard electric. Me no like.


Got a new fridge - old fridge ripped up some flooring, so…

Going to redo our shitty kitchen floor soon - putting in some oak, stain TBD.

Then going to remodel our back garage and turn it into a living area with bathroom, kitchenette, etc.

But for now, getting the endless Cyrpress trees lining our property topped and our Douglas Fir pruned and large bottom branches taken off.


So exciting!


Air bnb that back garage yo!!


We are taking bids to have our main fireplace converted to a gas one with a blower. When we have have ice storms and the power goes we want a back up and there are getting rather efficient. (they tell us) It will hopefully fit inside the box and detract minimally. I need to get that owl house and a new house martin box up before spring. I also want to expand our grden for spring as well…


Is your main fireplace a wood burning stove with ducts? I don’t understand how converting a traditional fireplace to gas would work with a blower.

I love the idea of a backup during the cold, but we have this ventless gas fireplace that gives the family headaches when we fire it up, so that’s out.


That’s what everyone’s telling me - will prob do that for a bit.


you’ll love it


Our main one is an 58 year old brick an mortar chimney. They will drop a chimney pipe down the older chimney which is starting to have some issues. The blower pushes heat out but is hidden and the venting can work even if the electricity goes out, but not as efficient.

They are proposing the following:

"This quote includes the following components: variable speed blower, TRW thermostatic remote, receiver heat shield, traditional brick liner, fireplace barrier screen, custom 3 sided trim kit (black), vertical termination vent kit, appliance connect with dedicated on/off ball valve, gas supply line, and installation labor. We will also install an electric outlet in the firebox however a licensed electrician will need to make the final connection (not included in quote). This quote also includes the required chimney service and the initial home consultation fee has been deducted.

Option 1:

Large Innsbrook Direct Vent Fireplace Insert -

Includes: Direct vent fireplace insert (DVC28IN31N Natural Gas), with variable speed blower, traditional brick liner, fireplace barrier screen, custom 3 sided trim kit (black), TRW wireless thermostatic remote, vertical venting kit, and appliance connect with on/off ball valve. (3 year manufacturer warranty)



I’m guessing the quote is something just under 15K.

That’s intriguing how they could do this with a traditional fireplace.

I’m confused. Is there going to be new venting/ducts added to your house? A traditional chimney is a one way pipe out of the house. Are they adding more pipes?