Home Improvement Thread


Quote is 5k.

They are placing a pipe down the original chimney, insulating around it in side the original chimney. No additional pipes, it will blow from above and below the fire box. Our house an angled ceiling throughout which helps distribute heat out of the main room. When we have electric one can just switch the main heat to blower/circulate without heat.


Basement flooded, only about an inch covering about 1/2 of the finished basement. I removed the composite “wood” floor and now I’m going to dig another, much less challenging, french drain on the side of the house where the water came in through the ground level windows.

Nearly everyone got hit worse than me on my street, so at least there’s that.

I was working in the basement on Sunday from 5-11:30. Good core workout.



sorry that happened to you.

i know the feeling!!!

my business owns about 6 large blower fans to move air around and dry spaces out.

old people and water don’t mix. a flood about once per month here from a clogged sink or toilet.


Thanks, Balvert. You must be patient after all these years working with older humans.

For some reason I find a deep satisfaction in digging and setting up French drains. There’s nothing like going outside in a pouring rain and observing your handiwork in action. After I find out where the gas lines are underground, I’ll begin digging.


Call before you dig!!!
It’s free!



A PSA for miss dig!


Did not DIY a thing on my house. Ended up replacing the carpet and having the same contractor do my backdoor.

In other news, my house sold. I close a week from Friday and I got lucky enough that I’m making some money on a house I bought 2 years ago.

We found a house with 7 acres on it and made an offer, sellers countered and we declined. Had it been more in between listing and what we asked for we would have accepted. That house has now been on the market for 100 days. Guessong due to price.

Or the farm animals they had.


Lacey is making moves.

Considering replacing my finished basement flooring with stained concrete. It’s popular in Texas because it stays so cool. Pics here if you’re interested.

It’s a hard sell to the wife but she’ll come around. This stuff will never need to be replaced and it’s gorgeous.


We just did a cash out refinance to get some money to renovate our bathroom. We only have one and it’s been needing it for a while. The previous owners did a cover up with new floor, sink, toilet but didn’t touch the 1960’s tub and tile shower. Tiles are buckling and falling off the wall.

Contractor 1 coming tonight and contractor 2 coming tomorrow. I’m so excited!!!

Doing it all, top to bottom!



you better get us before and afters.


I’ve done quite a bit of tiling around here. After borrowing a wet saw it is SO much easier… but still a lot of work.

I used to do everything I could possibly do myself, but now if I can swing it, I’d much rather have a pro handle that kind of stuff.


We are hiring professionals. We don’t know how to do it and we need it done quickly since it’s our only bathroom.

I will absolutely post before and after pictures!


So the plans are in place for the contractor to be working on our bathroom while we are away for thanksgiving week. We’re leaving Saturday morning for Maryland. We take our dog with us and our friends were supposed to watch our cat so she’d be out of the house too, but they just bailed on us bc apparently their out of town mother who is visiting said no. I’ve never had to board a pet before and my old lady cat will be much happier at home. So I’m hoping for the few days the contractors will be here next week, they can just keep an eye out and not leave the door open for too long. They’re doing the demo Friday while Steve will be home so he can just put Dutchie in the bedroom for a bit.


Here’s some before pictures. It wasn’t this bad when we bought the house five years ago but it has gotten progressively worse over the years we’ve lived here. We just kept caulking all the cracks in the tiles trying to prolong the life of the shower, but it’s a fucking mess now:


I’ve bought a ton of stuff. The shower will be white subway tile up to the ceiling with a band of this marble hexagon tile. We will also put the marble hexagon tile on the floor:

Hoping it’ll look like this:

We got a much taller tub. New toilet. Putting in a new window, glass shower doors, new drywall and painting a paler bluish gray color.

I bought this new vanity and sink, light fixture, a plain mirrored medicine cabinet and chrome hardware. :


Damn!!! Gonna be a nice upgrade for u guys!!!


Going to be major. I’m so excited. I used to love taking baths and I haven’t in five years bc of our small tub!! :bathtub:


That is exciting. I never understood tile in bathrooms. It seems like the hardest thing to clean (all the gaps, spaces).


Looks like it is going to be really nice, LB. I like your choices.


if the tile is done right and the grout sealed…there’s no reason it should be the hardest thing to keep clean. hard water wrecks everything. so staying up on that is key…kaboom and lime away are your friends…i’ve seen people try filters on their shower heads but that doesn’t do shit unless there’s a water softener on the system.

that said, we upgraded our bathroom years ago…put in marble floor, new tub, new tile, new cabinet w/ tile backsplash and a cool polymer black counter top and new toilet and towel rack etc. easy to clean and keep clean.

if i can remember, i’ll find the before and afters…huge difference :wink: