Home Improvement Thread


We have hard water here in VA. Do you use a water softener on your home system? Seems like a good move, but always falls down the list of home improvement projects.

Marble floor is swank, bro.


i have yet to bite the bullet here at home for water softener.

i do so at our retirement home. obvious reasons…it’s easier on my boiler and condenser systems.


Our water is so filled with iron it is ridiculous. Living near a lake will do that, I guess.

We put a “softener” system in and it works great… we just had to replace it after almost 30 years. We got the same kind, but it was close to 2k.

If the salt runs out our toilets turn orange after a day or two.


I’d like to see them, if it’s not too much trouble.


you betcha.

give me a day or two :wink:





Keg in bathroom is a nice touch. Great for the kids. :+1:t2:


Yeah, they can sit on them since kids never leave you alone.


OMG!! Demo day!




An old friend used to get all enthused about the “rip-tear”.

He’d always ask “Can I go get my sledge?”


there’s something pretty fun and cathartic about demolition. smashing and breaking wood and tile is fun.

w/ gloves and eye protection of course.

of course :wink:


I think its true that boys just like to wreck stuff.

Hope that didn’t come off as a sexist remark!


I went up into my attic a few months ago to cover some recessed lighting with rigid foam insulation boxes I crudely created with GoodStuff expanding foam.

They didn’t fit well and I ended up staying in a 110 degree attic modifying the boxes with a knife for an hour. I lost two pounds of water weight.

Remodeling is such a useful skill. Wish I was handier


Demo done. Plumbers here now at 8 pm. Doing everything including hooking up the new tub so tomorrow the guys can start doing drywall.

Getting new ceiling, got new insulation.

Demo pics:


Update so far:


How exciting!!




You like?
Or hate?
Or just impressed by their speed?


No grout yet but should look the same.
I’m very pleased so far.