Home Improvement Thread


I like it and impressed with the speed.


Looks nice.


There’s still a lot to be finished but …

this floor is my favorite part so far. ^^^


I like the backsplash and the floor.

I can’t tell how big that tub is…but I like the angles and shape of the inside. Looks easier to clean/maintain than a rounded tub. Also more ergonomic for the back.

Do you take a lot of baths? Seems like there was a lot of thought put into the tub.


I used to take baths a lot but since we bought our house 5 years ago I haven’t. The old tub was shallow and too small to lay in comfortably. So I’m really excited about the tub. It’s taller than average and I also really like the angles and the way it looks.

We’re having glass doors put on this week and the vanity and mirror, etc. really excited!


love it all LB!!! so happy for you guys!!! i can attest that upgrading your home and especially your bathroom is a wonderful feeling!!! so, time to start shopping for bath salts eh?


We also had can lights put in the kitchen that make a huge difference and a ceiling fan in the living room. I love these contractors.


Not to be a downer, but can lights (unless they are insulated) are like blasting holes in your home’s insulation capability. Hope they are insulated!


Contractor said:
They have external boxes on the light that protects it from the insulation. they’re rated for remodeling homes


Looks great LB! Happy for you.


Sounds good. Next time there’s a cold day and you’re running the heat, get up on a chair and put your hand right next to the light to see if there’s any cold air blowing down.


I love how you have so many cabinets! I so wish I had that.


I do too. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the house the first time.
So glad the previous owners kept them all when they redid the kitchen.


Pretty much done, just waiting on the glass doors to be installed on Monday!!


To bidet, or not to bidet. That is the question.

What type of toilet paper is that? Looks soft and plushy


Never mind that, do you roll over or under?




No question. Yes bidet.


Roll over.

That’s Cottonelle in the purple pack toilet paper.


Anytime I’m with a group of men and they’re talking home improvement, specifically plumbing, I start to chirp up and say, “I’ve installed toilets…” then I pause before NOT saying I installed a bidet.

I hope we can change this silence. There are hundreds of men out there who want to speak about their nether hygiene and their prowess with tools, but we are silenced. Silenced by ourselves, but in all reality the ones who should be silent about matters of the throne are those who continue to wipe themselves like primates, unaware of the higher order of being. Primates who don’t feel that way because they have pictures of teddy bears on their ivory toilet paper packaging. Primates, with no idea about the depravity they regularly partake in.

We need a hashtag and we need it now. #seizebidet