Home Improvement Thread


I used to work on that brand of toilet paper’s account at work and one of our campaigns was the “roll poll”.

We actually interviewed a bunch of people, asking them that question to see if they rolled their toilet paper over or under.

Because, you know it is really important to have more Facebook followers than the other team.


I’m a fan of Charmin as well. I go back and forth between the two.

Nothing worse than thin scratchy toilet paper.


I use the cheapest stuff you can find. It is easier on my septic system.


How fun for your wife.



Wife buys it by the 48 pack at Costco. We have a boutique hotel, so I get the leftover half rolls from when she goes to clean for the next guests.

It has the warp and weft of tracing paper.

I often end up inadvertently poking a hole in it and playing ‘just the tip’ with my pooper.


Anyone ever insulate their rim joists in their basement?

Seems like it would help drafts. @Monkey regale me with your wisdom…
@thebalvenie you included…


It would be a solid investment. It’s where the coolest air is coming from even though you already have a vapor barrier there, technically. You can easily do the work yourself. There is a styrofoam product on the market that use apply, cutting it to fit, kind of like when you are shaping a cake.


This is a relatively easy and quick project that’ll obviously save energy

Thick visclean and a stapler
They make custom fitted rolls that ought stay in the cavity rol it a s staple
Then plastic over that!!
If you can afford it they make heat sensor camera for phones

Pretty slick you can view in real time where heat or cold are seeping through and zero in


Sounds like what I said with more steps. :wink:

Just use polyseal (canned foam). :smiley:


sounds like you can suck my dick!


Dude. I will staple your tongue to your taint so you can watch me kick your ass.


sounds like a hot date and a wet dream i once had!!!

you’re on!


I was thinking of the 1 1/2 inches of foam particle board

And using the good stuff expanding foam to around the edges.

I’m a little wary of doing the entire job with spray foam. Fumes, mess, my own incompetence, etc.


Polyseal foam does not have a lot of fumes but you don’t want to use it exclusively because it’s expanding foam. It will go crazy. You won’t be able to control it tonanlevel that it’s just enough.


does the job
easy to work with


Alright - so provided everything gets signed tomorrow, we’ll have a contract on a house! 3 bed, 3 bath, 3 car garage on 3.3 acres, with a bonus office and living space downstairs. And oddly a urinal in the downstairs bath…

New heat pump/AC, 10 year old roof, newer windows, counter tops, and a newly added sun room & porch.

Hopefully the only home improvement projects I’m coming for is how to strip the awful wallpaper in the master and redo the built in bookshelves.


Congrats! Did you sell your house?


Yep! Sold it in September. Fortunately I was able to sell it for $20k more than I bought it for, so that will be our emergency fund since we’ll be cleaning out my fiancé’s savings between our wedding and house.



now get some surround sound speakers out and put on some Ryan Adams!!!


Those steamers work great for wallpaper removers.