Home Improvement Thread


I used to work on that brand of toilet paper’s account at work and one of our campaigns was the “roll poll”.

We actually interviewed a bunch of people, asking them that question to see if they rolled their toilet paper over or under.

Because, you know it is really important to have more Facebook followers than the other team.


I’m a fan of Charmin as well. I go back and forth between the two.

Nothing worse than thin scratchy toilet paper.


I use the cheapest stuff you can find. It is easier on my septic system.


How fun for your wife.



Wife buys it by the 48 pack at Costco. We have a boutique hotel, so I get the leftover half rolls from when she goes to clean for the next guests.

It has the warp and weft of tracing paper.

I often end up inadvertently poking a hole in it and playing ‘just the tip’ with my pooper.