Home Improvement Thread


Bleh - I’ll pass… unless it has the capability to strip wallpaper.


We may have to see if we can borrow a friends stand up steamer! It’s not as awful in person, so we may not rush on it, but then it may be easier to get it done before moving.


I have one of these Wagner steamers and it works great.


Congrats, e_a!


I installed a new toilet last night. It should have been easy.

After getting the throne set up, the supply hose was still leaking and I cranked on it (the section that connects to the toilet) and it jostled all the toilet machinery inside the tank around. I almost went full beserker when this happened.

I got it sorted out, but there may be a extremely slow drip from the supply hose. At this point I’m willing to call a plumber just to replace the supply hose. Lower back is a little effed up. But nothing that stretches won’t fix.


Plumbing almost always hurts my back and my outlook.


wish i was there to help! i’ve done a million of these!


Any tips for getting the lines on correctly? Do you clean the threads with something special? We have somewhat hard water here and I think that ages the threads and makes it harder to tighten them up well.


Have you tried dope?

… or that plumbers tape you can wrap around the threads.


Threads for the floor bolts or the supply line?

If it’s the floor bolts just get some new ones…cinch em down good and cut with a file

If it’s the supply line and supply valve get your small channel locks and tighten the valve…then put the line on by hand and then tighten with channel locks…do the same for the tank connection…

Turn water on

Check the tank bolts too and feel for leaks …tighten at quarter turns till dry

A cool trick to check and make sure the floor gasket is good…put down a paper towel on each side and flush multiple times


Channel locks are going to be a game changer for me. It’s the supply line, actually. Thanks Balvy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


I own all sizes!!!

Hope this helped in some way!


Husband installed our new dishwasher & range yesterday! My fingers are crossed for our fridge to go out so we can update that as well and get a matching one.

Pretty sure our dishwasher that was installed originally was added when the house was built. I didn’t realize how quiet they are now.

We’ve also been replacing closet doors with new ones in the bathrooms and step-kids rooms. It’s beating the 70s look they had going.

For big projects - we’ll be replacing the trim in the upstairs living before too long and then I’ll be repainting the down stairs Book/vinyl/fireplace room, the office, and then the downstairs living room. Right now it’s a combo of dark gray and pepto bismo pink.


Mowed the new yard tonight for the first time…had to share with you all the beauty I am surrounded by


Wow, that is breathtakingly beautiful, balv.

If you build it they will come.


When are you having us over for the housewarming?


Wow, so beautiful.


You bring the beers, I’ll bring the babes and u can owe me later…


I was going to post about how I had to use my garden hose and washing machine hose to blast loose sediment in my hot water heater…and then talk about how I reconnected the hose to the washer, walked away and it flooded for a few hours…but I’d rather look at Balv’s yard and wonder if he knocked out the mowing with a riding mower or a Husquavarna (sic).


An ariens 42 inch deck rider

500 bucks used :slight_smile: