Home Improvement Thread


That sounds like a great price… that expansive spread would be a pain with a push mower.

-also that looks like a 2-beer job.


I’ve had a bunch of wall board stored in my basement for decades. We had people move a refrigerator from our basement and haul some other stuff away last fall and I had them haul the wallboard up to the garage. On Saturday I hung that wallboard up in the garage and finished almost the whole side. Never thought I’d really care about having my garage finished off, but it will be really nice to have a nice garage after building this house almost 30 years ago.


All we do are home projects and fowl projects anymore it seems. I call my husband the attorney by day and handyman by night.

My husband has just about finished our quail tractor. I’ll be painting it Tuesday, and then he’ll be cutting down the metal roof so it only covers about 1/3 of it. Hopefully they’ll be outside by the weekend.


It’s for these guys


Very cool. Are the quail a food source eventually? Or at least their eggs?

I’ve probably gone to home depot 50 times since April.

I’m a novice at home improvement stuff, but it’s fun.


quail is deelish…but quail eggs are the bomb.


Yep! We’ll keep a few roosters, then eat the rest of them. We plan on keeping the hens for eggs. I believe it’s only 8 weeks until full grown on them, so we may get an incubator to keep the cycle going.

It’s a starting step to decide if we’d like to hatch and brood ducks for a food source in the future.


Quail are a much bigger undertaking than chickens or ducks. Good luck!


Thanks! So far they’ve been much easier for us, but it could have been that it’s been hot so they only needed their heat lamp briefly and their brooder was big enough we only had to clean it twice.

They’re house is built and they’re fully outside now. The ducks don’t give 2 shits about them, but the dog won’t leave the side of their house.


Just noticed I got a shout out here 3 years ago lmao. I guess I’m old now because I work on my car all the time and I’ve worked on both toilets here at our current apartment. And my back hurts all the time!


I rebuilt the guts in one of our toilets a week ago and felt proud of myself for pulling it off.

I hate all things plumbing.


I had to rebuild the guts for mine and it took some tweaking, but I had the same satisfaction.

@Waves I’ve enjoyed watching Waves’ evolution from being submerged in an Urban Core to now being in the world of DadCore.


Lol I actually live downtown now so I went further into that core too. We’re getting ready to move in a few months though. I’ve had a pretty swift transition from being single, independent and unfettered until 36 to cohabiting, raising a child and being unemployed at 37 lmao.