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Have you ever un-bricked a fireplace? When we bought our house, the fireplace was sealed and bricked up. Now, having a working fireplace is appealing. Wondering if you or anyone know much about unsealing a fireplace…


Are you planning on using wood? If so, that would be about the only need to “unbrick” it.

If you want to use wood it would be worthwhile to check w/ your county and city about wood burning fireplaces. Some places won’t allow the use of wood burning fires.

If no on the wood, then i can’t imagine there wouldn’t be a solution to get gas to it, air vent and duct…do you know why it was bricked up in the first place? that might help answer some questions for you.

can you send some pics from the roof and the bottom?

Our old house had a bricked up fireplace but we were able to use a gas fireplace for heat w/ a blower and such.


I’m still looking into it, @thebalvenie

I replaced a Moen shower/tub cartridge. Wife noticed that when she went to turn off the shower there was a lot of resistance in the handle. Replacement started out smooth BUT getting the retainer clip in for the new one boggled my mind until I realized the brass part of the cartridge was pushed too far back in the cartridge, which wasn’t letting the cartridge sit correctly, hence the clip not fitting.

Took me longer than I care to admit, but it’s satisfying to not call a plumber.


It’s why plumbers get paid the rate they do. Not to fix the issue, which is usually straightforward, but to troubleshoot all the bullshit that arises during a straightforward job.


yeah. i use the needle nose plyers to pull after pushing it up w/ a small flat screwdriver.

did you grease the cartridge with plumbers silicone?


That seems like a personal question.


Why do you think they call it dope?


I thought it was a personable question…just getting to know my buddy Ely and his limitations


The cartridge came with a ketchup-sized packet of clear lube. Not sure if it was silicone, but I used it.