House party


My boys in our band came in from Montreal., Columbus, OH, Huntington, WV and Chicago a week ago for music.

Aaron, our lead guitarist, who we never seem to get to play with - maybe once every 5 years tops - wanted to play a gig somewhere, but we just couldn’t handle the stress/logistics that would bring. We decided to just play here in my basement, which is already set up for us.

Bottom line- I’m just getting too old to haul all this stuff around.

Aaron stopped on the way and grabbed Sean in Columbus, a very talented bass player who played on our latest CD, but had never really played with us. It was his first time meeting and playing with John, our drummer. The two clicked and we made the best of our one day to run through the set list on Friday before our get together on Saturday.

Last Saturday night was our party gig down in the “Bergatorium”. I invited some people that had voiced an interest in hearing us play and a handful of friends and neighbors. My wife came through like a trooper and cooked and prepped a bunch of food - A splendid barbacoa beef and honey sriracha chicken taco bar - and really hosted the party while I was predisposed.

The music was pretty good, especially considering Sean had to learn probably 10 songs for this “gig”. He had cheat sheets with the chord changes and helped us fine tune some of our arrangements. The idea was to shoot a video, but I’m not sure I want to see it because my memory of the music was probably better than what will show up. There will certainly be our share of cringeworthy moments, but it was pretty loose.

It was a draining experience, but we all had a blast and everybody got along. Our friends and neighbors are still telling me how much fun they had.


Sounds and looks like fun, Dougo!


Nice please share the video would love to hear y’all




Here’s the only other photo we got.
It’s me doing my Freddie Mercury impersonation and John photobombing with a beer.