How about a thread for some of our favorite Baseball songs?


Jonathan Richman - The Fenway


Other than Glory Days and Cemterfield, what other songs are there?



And, I like this version.


And I completely forgot about this. My bad.


My husband submits this:



“There Used To Be a Ballpark” by Frank Sinatra

“Bill Lee” by Warren Zevon


Here’s some sappy bullshit from the year I turned 13. My mom always changed what music she listened to based on who she was dating, and that year it was corporate country music all the way. Don’t miss out on that classic country twist ending a la Loretta Lynn.


Love Jason Molina


Paradise by the dashboard light has some baseball reference in it :rofl:


Well, and Jason Molina makes lots of baseball references in his songs. I don’t know if you could consider “The Big Game is Every Night” to be a baseball song PER SE, right? But baseball, here there everywhere.

“When I die
Put my bones in an empty street
To remind me how it used to be
Don’t write my name on stone
Bring a Coleman lantern and a radio
A Cleveland game and two fishing poles”

That’s what I always think of. Molina the Indians fan.



You all are forgetting John fogerty and put me in coach

The soundtrack to major league has randy newmans Burn On

Empty baseball park was a good one

Laughing river