How much for a digital download...?



This is snake oil.
Hereafter I will refer to Chris as the “Crooked Shake” digital single with the 17 bonus tracks.


However, I do think this is an okay philosophy (if he starts dishing out flac:s or wav:s instead of 320s):

_"Albums are expensive to record and I’ve seen your comments about the low dividends streaming services pay. Here’s a way for us to keep the records flowing. _
Instead of submitting this album to music publications that will just ignore it - ( I mean, honestly who cares about music reviews) - instead of a vinyl preorder that will take up to a year to 16 months because of supply chain issues ( ugh - yes it will be on vinyl one day. Not for 16 months at least though ) - or quietly putting it up for streaming without any fanfare… I want to offer it to YOU a week early - AND. offer some LIMITED EDITION merch celebrating this badass album.
_If you can’t afford this and want to hear it, please know it’s cool if your buddy wants to share it with you. My first Black Flag record was on side 2 of a blank cassette and it change my life. So much so that I’m here with you now. _
We are also going to put up an option to enter any amount if you just want to support PAXAM and our dedication to fart jokes, talking cheesesteaks, live streams and badass sad / emotional / overlong albums."


On behalf of Ry-Ry’s sister and her basement, I approve of charging whatever it takes.


So $25 for a digital only album? ‘All proceeds benefit Pax Am’? With a vague ‘share it’ message that seems like entrapment?

Sign me up!


Yeah, I’m thinking the best bet is to just not even bother listening to it… pretty sure I won’t accidentally hear it - on TV, on a jukebox, at a party or on the radio.


@bakamomo is this going in the Dropbox?


Actually, I have never gotten an invite to the dropbox.


I just saw this email in my inbox - I don’t even see a tracklisting on the page to buy the digital album. WTF. This seems nuts.


Yeah that seemed really off to me as well.


Some people on Reddit are saying it sounds like unfinished demos. So it’s basically Donda 3.


It is basically Prisoner B-sides II. It is the rest of the tracks from those sessions and sounds more or less the same. Bland, if you ask me, with the exception of “Crooked Shake” (a keeper).


I heard that @Monkey didn’t have to pay for his digital download.


This is technically true.


Ah, what a moving tribute to his brother. “To honor my brother I am going to release unfinished versions of songs that I deemed too shitty for an already shitty album. Miss you!”


He he. Did not indicate that I am moved by his efforts. I view him a bit above Van Morrison on the human/sub-human scale. Like his music, tho.


Oh that wasn’t a knock against you…it was a knock against Ryan’s efforts


Haha, effort may not be what it is to be fair…


Yeah, I should have used quotation marks around that.


@bakamomo if you want in on the Dropbox please just message me with your email.

I have been slacking pretty bad the last few months at adding new music. That shows how much new music I’m listening to these days.