How much for a digital download...?


I feel the same. Maybe 5–6 songs jumped out as good to me; however, perhaps as usual, it’s all drowning in reverb. Feels like a lot of Prisoner outtakes (in fact, one song has the exact same melody as the song Tightrope which is on Prisoner). It definitely felt like a collection of sketches vs a completed musical project. I’ll probably listen again, so we’ll see.


I so hope that he will move out of the 80s reverb phase. Wednesdays was a step in the right direction (a good one, too). Think that most if these tracks are from 2016 and not from the 2018 sessions that generated Wednesdays and Big Colors.


“all proceeeds go to Pax-Am” sounds a lot like “All proceeds go to hush money”


Anyone thinking about adding Chris to Dropbox?


Yeah @Jerry where you at boy? I figured you would have dumped this immediately. :pizza:




I haven’t even listened to Big Colors or Wednesdays, but I was wondering if Chris will even be on any streaming services.


OK so this is weird. I just went back to his shop. He lowered the cost from $25 to $20. And then he also added another option to download the entire album as one single MP3? Why?




How has no one even mentioned the awful album artwork?


Shit! We bought you one of the t shirts with the cover on it.


His grandfather offered that woman all the cake if she kissed him, but he’s not going to give it to her.


Do not want to pour gasoline on the fire here, but the flac/hq version of the album is different. Sounds like the 320 mp3 is unmastered and the flac/hq is mastered (which makes the album a bit stronger).


Actually agree, in ultra HD on amazon (24bit/192khz) they do sound a fair bit better. Makes it a reasonable listen, I don’t hate it.


It’s the McRib. It has a fan base, but there are so many better, more real offers of essentially the same thing out there.

So I’ve always wondered at the bizarre self-hate it takes to eat a McRib.


Like Ryan Adams, it is both nostalgic and derivative.


It’s almost meta derivative of llor n kcor


It’s crap with a capital K.


If Ryan Adams had a kid the last year he put out a great album, that kid would be old enough to drive and nearly old enough to vote. Think of that. That’s how long he has been shitty.


Just said something very similar when someone asked me if I was going to any of the upcoming shows, and I liked enough songs on Easy Tiger to say I liked Easy Tiger.

But that was 15 years ago!

I have to assume at least half the songs he will be playing are from the last 15 years!!!