How much for a digital download...?


Update: I tried listening to this again last weekend, stopped about 6 songs in.

So there’s that.


New double album on Monday. This one seems like a different ballgame (in a good way).


Jesus Christ, talk about a record name in poor taste… I see Doylestown Girl is on there too. Some cats never learn.


You know, going from New York, New York and Dear Chicago to Doylestown Girl… It’s not just the songs that are decidedly low rent but the places too.


I mean, what’s next, Evansville Pole Dancer?


“In the Blue of the Night” is a pretty good song, I would say. Also “At Home with the Animals”.
At the same time, I have a hard time viewing this as a proper double album – it is a too mixed bag. Cold Roses it ain’t.


That’s what should be the title of each album since, well, Cold Roses.


I really like JCN.


Songs for his dead cat since no humans will hang out with him. Not a promising premise for an album. Also seems to be thirsty for sympathy because his pet died.


I had a long drive yesterday and tried to stomach this thing. It’s awful. All of these albums bleed together and feel like a phase for a kid in high school.

This is a serious question. Let’s say you had never heard of Ryan Adams and your first exposure to him was listening to any one of his albums from the past 10 or so years. Would you even consider buying any of his other albums? Would you dive deeper? I can say my answer is an emphatic “no!l


And I guess there are enough sex offenders in New York to sell out Carnegie Hall, but there are plenty of tickets for New Brunswick and Philly.


And by the way, his shows have been unlistenable at least since 2014, but he had the good sense of having Butch Walker open for him back then, which was so painful that it made his show seem almost good.


This asshole is all up in my emails and feed no matter what I do which tells me he’s put a lot of money into promotion. Looks like he’s not done forcing himself on women.


I cackled at this.


i’ve gone through the album twice now. not one stand out “good” track IMO. to each their own.

i am w/ nick’s hot take on this one. it’s contrived rubbish unsuitable for listeners of all ages.


You are one tough cookie.


Nah, it’s just crap. No hem haw fence-sitting maybe about it. He’s making Malin look like an accomplished poet.


I have to assume that @bakamomo and @danielm are just Ryan posting under pseudonyms about how great his new album is.


Well, then they should know that David Ryan Adams is not a proper cunt. He’s just a cunt.


No, I think Bakamomo is totally a bang-up chap. He’s really added to the community. I love someone who doesn’t balk at a totally ridiculous challenge like “pics or it didn’t happen,” and I’ve aggressively done that to him twice. After he disclosed that English wasn’t his first language, I decided he was family here… prior to that, I was pretty sure he was a troll.